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                    Personal Statement
                    Program: Marketing

For anyone who completes his/her high school, what is the course of action next? The answer is simple—proceeding onto a college. I agree with this answer because it is perfectly right; but I have a different idea about going to college.

When I finished my high school, I was not very certain about my academic interest. My father is a playwright and under his influence I have been good at writing since my elementary school. My teachers would read almost each of my compositions at model writings in class. However, I know that in Chinese universities there is no curriculum or workshop on creative writing. Chinese universities do not develop writers; they only teach students to study the existing literature by ancient and contemporary writers.

Then I recalled an important experience. I was an exchange student in Australia for three months and studying in an English-speaking country not only exposed me to an English curriculum but also to an exciting pattern of education and a unique culture. The teaching was heavily student-oriented rather than on the imparting of book knowledge as in China. I love that way of teaching and the experience of cultural diversity.

Therefore, although I was a top 10 student at school and had little difficulty of entering a Chinese college, I was at a loss as to what to do. I did not want to enter a college blindfolded and learn something not interesting and exciting, and wasting all my time. I decided that I would give myself some time to make free exploration of my true interests and then make a final decision which is truly in keeping with my academic interest.

In recent years, my father has developed into an investor in media, advertising and movie industry, so I chose to do an internship in his company, a decision which received due support from my father. My internship coincided with the production of a movie The War of the Red Cliff directed by John Woo, the most celebrated Chinese director at Hollywood, who has directed a whole series of movies such as The Mission Impossible, WindTalkers Once a Thief, Native Hue of a Hero, etc. I love movies and I joined the production group.

Despite my father’s nepotism, I assumed the most basic responsibilities—scheduling vehicles, coordinating with the actors and actresses, and putting the props into order. Considering the fact that the entire group consisted of hundreds of people, there was tremendous pressure for me in even the simplest tasks, because I was not supposed to make any mistakes. Otherwise, my mistakes would slow down the progress of the whole movie production.

My internship has been most rewarding in shaping my teamwork. I learned to communicate with people of different sections within the group—actors, technicians, scenarists, cameramen, cosmeticians, producers, etc. Different people had different personalities, working styles, and tempers. I must use different and appropriate interpersonal skills in order to communicate with them effectively and productively. For a whole year, I developed very sound teamwork and my ability to work constructively in a real world group environment would be a very unique asset.

While the movie was being produced, the advertising campaign of this most expensive movie in the Chinese language was also under way. I helped write news about the movie production, arrange the producers and main actors and actresses to meet the media, and make plans for the movies to be shown at cinemas across the country. I found myself gradually exposed to the commercial operations of the movie industry.

During the breaks of the movie shooting, I had opportunities to chat with director John Woo, and we talked about the different patterns of commercial operations in the movie industries in the United States and in China. I was told that the income of China’s movie industry is only 3 billion RMB, as compared with 7 billion USD of the American movie industry. By means of integrated marketing, American movies like the Lion King, the Spiderman, and Star Wars created commercial values many more times that the box office value of the movie itself, by means of video games, cartoons, toys, fashions, etc.

China has the largest population in the world and its economy is rapidly growing as the world’s fourth largest economy. This means that there is unlimited commercial potential for our country’s movie industry. According to the principles of integrated marketing, the income of the movie should not be solely confined to the box office income but should cover all the extended products.

Thanks to this valuable internship experience, I have come to discover my true interest. Sound marketing strategies can create values far beyond the product itself. In this sense, marketing is a wonderful art and there are many things to be learned. The United States is the world leader in movie and entertainment industries, not only in production but also in marketing.

In the past one year, I have been freely exploring my interest and have grown increasingly mature in my own intellectual development. Therefore, my decision to study marketing is a well-considered and well-motivated one. Through your program, I wish to acquire necessary knowledge regarding the main theories in marketing and management (e.g., consumer theory, product development, promotion, branding and pricing). I hope to understand the importance of a strategic approach to the marketing behavior of firms and consumers in an international setting. I also want to learn related courses in economics, finance, and human resource management.

My exchange program in Australian has already taught me the importance of acquiring international perspectives and experiences to the intellectual development of a Chinese student. By studying in the United States, I am sure that I will learn the most advanced knowledge and develop practical skills that can allow me to succeed in my future career in the international environment. Your undergraduate program will be my starting point.


College Essay

This personal statement helps us become acquainted with you in ways different from courses, grades, test scores, and other objective data. It will demonstrate your ability to organize thoughts and express yourself. We are looking for an essay that will help us know you better as a person and as a student. Please write an essay (500 words minimum) on a topic of your choice or on one of the options listed below.

Essay Topic:
Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you.
In China, every student entering high school must receive military training at a local military camp. It is quite a simple thing for most students, but for me it was very memorable event and has produced far-reaching impact on me. It significantly improved my perseverance in the face of difficulties and my endurance. By becoming an important part of a team, I developed a strong sense of group honor.

In August 20xx, together with my fellow students, I went on such training. On the very first day, the officer brought us to the hottest site under the scorching sun where we were trained to stand upright and motionless. In the afternoon, we had to do 10,000-meter long distance running. After covering only half the distance, I was too tired to continue; so I quitted.

In the evening, the officer talked to me. He said that the training was meant to let students go through hardships and difficulties. One should not back away when faced with challenges. He said that everyone was part of the group and should contribute to the fulfillment of the common goal. He told me not to treat myself as someone special. Otherwise, my fellow students would look down on me for affecting the performance of the entire class. I was greatly encouraged by his words.

The next day, I decided to show the officer what a great trainee I could be. We were trained how to march—taking a step but stopping one leg halfway above the ground. The officer carried a chronograph to see who could persist for the longest time. I stood there, a leg halfway in the air, motionless as if lifeless.

As my classmates put down their legs one by one, my persistence kept rising. I felt as if the officer was looking at me and I kept summoning up my strength. When all my classmates had given up, I still hanged on, my legs feeling numb. In utter silence, the officer, my teachers and classmates all looked at me. Finally, I defeated the second longest-lasting student by 20 seconds! Tears came into my eyes, but I felt really proud.

I was praised by the officer and I realized my unlimited potential to be a good trainee. Since then, I loved the training and the stamina of a soldier, which can make many impossible things possible.

At the end of the month-long training, our class became the “Most Outstanding Class” and I was honored as the “Excellent Trainee”. When we left the military camp, I cried and hugged with the officer. He gave me his brand new soldier hat to me as a souvenir.

Till this day, I still keep the hat. I will keep it for the rest of my life. It reminds me of that memorable experience, an experience which has been itched into the deep recesses of my mind and heart. I learned to be well-disciplined and self-motivated as a person of stamina and perseverance, and a contributor to the group.




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