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Essay 1
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Essay 1

Tell us your short-term and long-term career goals and how an MBA degree will assist you in achieving those goals. Why did you choose ABCD School of Business and which of our many curricular specializations offered is of most interest to you? What contribution do you think you will make to the MBA classmates? (1250 words)

Part I: Career goals and the role of an MBA degree (450 words)

During my work over the past five years, I feel that I have not taken full advantage of my ultimate potential despite all of my professional achievements. I have practiced my professional expertise in marketing, demonstrated my leadership abilities and perfected my communication skills. But I have yet to become an entrepreneur in my own right, and to fully master the art of modern business. I have realized that my short and long-term career goals cannot be realized by following my current career path. Now is the time to earn my MBA degree from your highly respected program so that I may return to China to become a successful management consultant.

My short-term professional objective, immediately after earning my MBA degree, is to find a position in a multinational consulting firm in China. This career move will allow me to further hone my management skills while continuing to build a network of relationships, which is one of the most important factors of doing business in China.

After gathering enough experience and refining my skills, my intermediate career goal is to launch my own management consulting company. My consulting company will focus on serving the needs of those who conduct business in my home country.

My life-long dream and long-term career goal is to use the knowledge that I have gained through my extensive business experience, combined with my MBA training from your esteemed institution, to put together a well-trained team that can construct a nationwide, full-service business-consulting network. This business-consulting network will conduct financial management and investment consulting, provide market research and project budget analysis, develop management education courses designed for senior managers in private enterprises and publish related books, etc. My plan is to bring my professional management concepts and practical working experiences to private firms that will soon be confronted with intensive global competition due to China's accession to the World Trade Organization. I need to earn my MBA degree to understand the big picture - not just the practical aspects of business but also the theoretical aspects that can help me to make better informed decisions in the future. My professional experience has allowed me to gain a deep understanding of marketing. But rather than becoming satisfied with what I have achieved, my initial career success had made me aware that to scale new heights in the business world, I must further improve my management skills and professional expertise through the quality MBA program at ABCD University. With such an education, I can be confident about my future career objective to develop myself into a successful entrepreneur in China, where future economic development offers unlimited business opportunities.

Part II

Why are you choosing ABCD School of Business and what specialization are you most interested in? (400 words)

No MBA program can be truly exceptional unless it fulfills three crucial criteria. First, it must pursue constant innovation and improvement in its business education. Additionally, it must address international issues that will prepare students for the challenges of working in a global economy. Furthermore, it must combine theoretical training with practical business skills, thereby allowing students to keep abreast of current trends and to master every nuance of management.

The ABCD School not only meets these criteria but also surpasses them by providing an innovative and flexible MBA program. For years, ABCD has given students the cutting-edge experience needed to succeed, as well as superior preparation for handling the most complicated of business operations. Analyzing and understanding a wide variety of case studies will allow me to learn how to approach certain business situations while learning how to avoid some business mistakes that others have made in the past.

In addition to exceptional instruction on campus, each student receives the opportunity to develop a real-world understanding of the inner workings of a business environment. The ABCD School's extensive business associations and its alumni network provide invaluable opportunities for gaining hands-on experience. It is therefore no wonder that your MBA program is renowned for molding trailblazers in a number of different business areas. Furthermore, the ABCD School is truly committed to building global managerial skills. Its dedication to international education extends beyond its highly rated focus on international issues to the actual atmosphere of the school. The diversity of cultures and backgrounds in the student body is a constant source of learning about the habits and attitudes of different people and cultures. This strengthens global thinking and lays the foundation for an effective future as a manager in today's international economy.

ABCD's concentration in accounting/finance is exactly what I need, and I feel quite sure that the seasoned guidance of your high-quality faculty will quickly put me on track towards my established goal. Many of ABCD's alumni work in all aspects of business, and I would like to get to know some of them so that I can benefit from their experience and expertise. I am enthusiastic about ABCD's cultivation of a cooperative, team-oriented spirit among its students. The teambuilding skills that I develop at ABCD will be invaluable preparation for forming a successful business-consulting firm in China.

Part III
Contributions to the MBA classmates (400 words)

My contribution to my classmates will be the ability to share the experiences of a businessperson in one of the most dynamic and fastest growing economies in the world. My five years of cross-functional vocational experience has given me a very useful first-hand working knowledge of doing business in China. I have experience with both state-owned enterprises and private businesses in China, both as an assistant and as a higher-level market consultant. I have worked with some of the largest domestic companies, joint venture enterprises and some renowned foreign companies in different lines of businesses. These experiences give me a unique perspective and the ability to contribute not only the Chinese viewpoint but also a multinational viewpoint to classroom discussions. These diverse working experiences have given me a very broad-based, cross-functional knowledge of how to do business in China.

As you can see from my extensive and unique business experiences in China, I have much to contribute to the learning environment of your MBA program. I believe that the learning environment can be greatly enhanced by classroom participation from the students, particularly in an MBA program such as yours that involves the most outstanding students from around the world. I am eager to thoroughly involve myself at the proper times to add my real-life experiences in the rapidly changing business world of China to give an international perspective to classroom discussions.

In addition to my work experiences, I can share my knowledge of software applications (including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and mathematics skills, such as calculus, liner algebra, probability and statistics with my fellow students. The case study method used at ABCD School may pose challenges for some candidates, but I became familiar with this method during a course in Case Analysis at my university, and I will be happy to share this knowledge with my classmates.

In addition to this unusual work background and my solid academic performance, I will be bringing vast experience in dealing with different people and taking leadership roles to your program. I have traveled extensively throughout China and met many people from different cultures. Throughout school I also participated in a variety of extracurricular and community services activities. All of these experiences have made me a more sensitive and open-minded person with the ability to generate a healthy and more productive working atmosphere that will promote collegiality and cooperation with my fellow students.


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