Statement of Purpose

           Applicant:XXX    Program:Ph.D. in Biochemistry


Abstract: In this present Statement of Purpose, I intend to present my passion for biochemistry, the endeavors and achievements I have made heretofore in my academic journey to become a research student, my preparations for the proposed Ph.D. program, and my vision for the future. My conclusion is that, whereas in research I can arrive at effective findings as long as I am given necessary conditions, in my personal and academic development I can become an accomplished biochemist as long as I can find my way into a most dynamic and stimulating academic environment, like that of xxx University.





My choice of biochemistry was by no means whimsical, but was defined by my intellectual curiosity and passion. In my childhood, I developed a strong interest in biology by raising various small animals—silk worms, tadpoles, and turtles whom I regularly observed to understand their behavior. To find out why one of the turtles went blind, I consulted technical literature and diagnosed the infection in the bacteria-rich water environment as the cause. I derived great pleasure from inquiring into diverse phenomena of life and the eagerness to satisfy my intellectual curiosity prompted me to study biology during my undergraduate program. As I commenced my lab research and got exposed to the cutting-edge developments in the academia, especially to those exciting but challenging subjects like structural biology that promise to furnish solutions to SARS and AIDs, my passion for biochemistry is all the more heightened. For me, nothing can satisfy my intellectual curiosity other than becoming a biochemist who is equipped to help face the common challenges of mankind. As a scientist, I hope to make my contributions that can promote the development of life science and improve the physical well-being of mankind as a whole.



The process of becoming a research student is in many important ways similar to the process of chemical reaction. For a chemical reaction, a diversity of factors is imperative to produce the desired product. In my efforts to become a research student, I have tried to develop myself in a comprehensive manner and a number of key factors have combined to make what I am.


2. 1 Academic Excellence as Foundation

A solid knowledge base in biology has been indispensible to the development of my research skills. At the Department of Biology of Nankai University, arguably one of the best universities in China, I have studied a whole gamut of specialized courses of biology, ranging from microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, to cell biology. With a major GPA reaching 86.8/100, I have been consistently ranked among the top students in the class, winning awards and scholarships. In view of biology’s relations with other sciences, I have also studied courses in physics, mathematics, computer applications that have expanded my knowledge horizon and developed interdisciplinary knowledge and skills needed for research.


2.2 Research Experiences and Achievements as Catalysts

Biology is an applied science and research is the most effective way to apply knowledge to practical problems. My outstanding academic performance landed me, in the 4th semester, in the Structural Laboratory led by the principal of our university. My participation in several research projects has enabled me to develop comprehensive research skills, to perform independent responsibilities and to seek innovative solutions. I started my research with the project “Expression of the major protein of CCR4/NOT complex using Insect expression system”, which was one of national creative projects for university students. I applied for undertaking this project out of my own initiative and I was leader of a 3-member team that worked on the expression of four key proteins (Cnot6, 6L, 7, and 8) of the complex. As the lab did not have the insect cellular expression system, I had to rely on my own efforts by consulting a large amount of technical literature and collaborating with other labs. Having expressed the complex, we did further purification and crystallization to acquire the complex’s structure with which we studied its specific deadenylation mechanism.


The second lab project involved Cnot9, one of the proteins of the complex. In order to reproduce and verify the subsidiary functions claimed by a published paper “Atomic model of human Rcd-1 reveals an armadillo-like-repeat protein with in vitro nucleic acid binding properties”, I was to reproduce crystals and soak the substrate so as to study how the protein duplicate and degrade mRNA. Following the detailed steps of the experiments, I operated in strict accordance with standard procedures and gained such techniques as expressing protein in E.coli, using molecular sieve, ion sieve, affinity chromatography, protein purification, crystallization as well as optimization. I kept maturing as a researcher.


With enhanced skills, I have embarked on even more challenging project, which is to acquire the crystal of XRN which also has the function of mRNA degradation. XRN protein’s homologous protein structure having been isolated in the yeast, I sought to obtain XRN’s structure in the human protein with a view to understanding its function. Based on literature research, I analyzed the amino acid sequence such as protein secondary structure prediction and homologous protein, and selected several segments to construct plasmid until I finally succeeded in constructing a recombinant plasmid. Through this project, I have particularly honed my lab skills in molecular construction.


As I enhanced my experiment skills, I have taken part in experiment competitions in which I have won prizes for experiment design and development of useful equipments. In those competitions, I learned how to pursue excellence by prevailing over my peers. In this way, I have been constantly motivated to face challenges and to be No. 1.


2.3 Administration Studies as Additives

As a biology student, I have a unique strength for having studied business administration at Tianjin University as a dual degree. My motivation is that biologists should not only have the abilities to carry out research but also to implement research projects which involve management and organization. My satisfactory performance in management studies testifies to my ability me to make extra achievements through extra efforts. Furthermore, I have consciously applied my management knowledge and skills in my biology research team. As project organizer and manager, I made proper task distributions and coordination, involving all the members in concerted efforts toward a common objective. Through effective synergy, I enhanced our research efficiency and I will continue to exercise productive leadership in the future.



As a biology student, I know, more than anyone else, that change is the fundamental paradigm for all forms of life and their development. For my academic development, the changes I seek are transformation and breakthrough. Given a stimulating and dynamic academic environment, I will quickly grow into an accomplished researcher.


3.1 In search for a dynamic academic environment

I am motivated toward a Ph.D. program in the U.S. because it offers the environment for the birth of outstanding biochemists. Baylor College of Medicine is precisely a cutting-edge institution in the world with unparalleled faculty and research facilities, providing ample room for aspiring students to be future leaders in the academia. I hope to study a full series of advanced courses and become exposed to high-level research projects. By working together with an outstanding faculty, I expect to publish on cutting-edge topics.


3.2 Mission

At XXX College of Medicine, I intend to focus on studying protein folding. To decipher the “second hereditary code” by means of protein structure prediction is one of the top challenges in biochemical research. By understanding the abnormalities in protein’s 3-D structure, we can make discoveries that shed light on the mad cow disease, Alzheimer's disease, and certain tumors. We know that the mad cow disease is the result of the disease-causing Prion, by means of the interaction among protein molecules, changing the normal protein Prion into disease-causing folds. But what are the nature and mechanism of this interaction? How do molecules with changed folding conditions cause serious diseases? Obviously, conventional research is unlikely to come up with effective solutions. Through future research, I hope to add to our understanding on folding diseases that can improve the health of millions of people.



As I prepare to embark on my proposed Ph.D. program, I have come to the threshold of a new phase of academic journey. I will be looking forward to developing my career and I believe XXX College of Medicine’s Ph.D. program will definitely enable me to create a milestone in my lifelong research career.

                                          目 的 陈 述
       申请人:XXX (南开大学生物系)     申请专业:生化Ph.D.


摘要:在本篇《目的陈述》中,我期望展示下述内容——我对生化 科学之激情;在时至今日的学术生涯中,我为追求成为一个研究型学生所作的种种努力以及所取得的成就;我为攻读Ph.D.所作好的准备;以及我对未来之路的展望。我坚信, 在科研中,只要拥有必要的条件,我就能作出有效的科研发现;同样地,在我个人的学术成长过程中,我也完全有能力成为一个有造诣的生化学家,只要我能置身于一个像贵校那样最充满学术活力、最能催人奋发的学术环境中。





1. 好奇心与激情宛若化学式反应剂

        我当初选择学习生化,绝非心血来潮,而是由我的学术好奇心与激情所决定。在我童年时代,通过饲养这样那样的小动物,我对生物产生了浓厚的兴趣。这些小动物有蚕宝宝,小蝌蚪,还有乌龟。我对它们作定期的观察,以理解其行为模式。为了弄清楚其中一只乌龟为何有一只眼睛致盲,我查阅专业文献,诊断得出结论,富含细菌的水环境所导致的感染是其致盲原因。在对各种生命现象的探究中,我获得了巨大乐趣。而满足我学术好奇心的那股热切愿望,促使我本科期间致力于攻读生物学。 随着我开始从事实验室研究,并接触到学术界的前沿科研动态,尤其是像结构生物学这样一些令人激动但却极富有挑战性的学科,给人类带来治愈非典和艾滋病的希望,我对生化科学的激情便愈发高涨。对我来说,最能满足我学术好奇心的,莫过于成长为一个能帮助全人类面对共同挑战的生化学家。作为未来的科学家,我希望能做出自己的贡献,推进生命科学的发展,并提升全人类在身体健康方面的福祉。


2. 化学式反应



2.1 优异的学术表现构成化学式反应的基础



2.2 科研经历与科研成就作为催化剂





        我的第二个实验室项目, 所涉及到的是该复合物的蛋白质之一Cnot9。为了复制并验证某篇发表的文章 “Atomic model of human Rcd-1 reveals an armadillo-like-repeat protein with in vitro nucleic acid binding properties” 所宣称的辅助性功能,我必须复制出晶体,并浸泡底物,从而研究该蛋白质是如何复制并降解mRNA的。我遵循详细的实验步骤,严格按照标准程序操作,掌握了各种有用的实验技能,诸如在E.coli中表达蛋白质,使用分子筛脱腺苷酸机制、离子筛、亲和色谱法,进行蛋白质纯化、晶化以及优化等。在此过程中,我不断地成长、成熟。


        随着实验室技能的不断提升,我投入到一项更具挑战性的研究项目之中, 去获取同样具有mRNA降解功能的XRN的晶体。XRN蛋白在酵母中的同源蛋白质结构既已被分解出来,我便试图从人源蛋白中获取XRN结构,以便去清晰理解其功能。通过大量的文献研究,我分析了诸如蛋白质二级结构预测和同源蛋白等氨基酸序列,截取了几段长度不同的片断构建了质粒,直到我最终成功构建了重组性质粒。通过从事这一项目,我尤其提高了分子构建方面的实验技能。




2.3 管理学双学位作为添加剂



3. 裂变与突破



3.1 追求一个富有活力的学术环境

        我有强力的动机,赴美攻读Ph. D.学位课程,因为美国可提供一个不断产生优秀生化学家的学术环境。XXX 医学院恰好就是居于世界科研前沿的高等学府,拥有无以伦比的师资及科研设施,为志向高远的学生提供广阔的空间,去成长为学术界的未来领袖。我期待着学习一系列高级课程,接触到高水准的科研项目。我也期望与优秀的老师合作,在一系列前沿课题上以论文的形式发表各项研究成果。


3.2 研究课题

        在 XXX 医学院,我计划将重点集中在对蛋白质折叠的研究上。在生化领域中,如何去通过蛋白质结构预测破解“第二遗传密码”已成为最大的挑战之一。如果我们得以理解蛋白质三维结构中的各种异常,我们就能取得一些科研发现,有助于人类了解疯牛病、阿尔茨海默氏症(老年痴呆症),以及某些肿瘤的发病机制。众所周知,疯牛病就是由于Prion病蛋白,通过感染正常蛋白而在蛋白质之间造成传染,将正常蛋白Prion变成致病的折叠。这种传染性交互作用的性质和机制是什么?折叠条件已经发生改变的分子又是如何引起严重疾病的?显然,对于这些问题,常规的研究是断难提供有效解决方案的。通过未来的科研,我希冀增加人类对折叠病的认识,提高数以百万计的人类的健康。


4. 结束语

        此时,正当我着手准备赴美攻读Ph.D.之际,我意识到,我正处在我求学征程上一个崭新阶段的起点。我期待着不断推进我的学术生涯,而我也深信,XXX 医学院的Ph.D.项目会毫无疑问地帮助我在我终生的研究生涯中创造一座重要的里程碑。


本 文 点 评:



        本文富有创意的形式之美主要体现为,用于留学申请的“目的陈述”,竟然以一份严谨的学术论文或研究报告的形式写成。开篇为“论文”的摘要,接着是关键词,接下来是四个“微型”章节,而在作为主体的第二章和第三章内,又采用了多个小节的形式,辅以2.1.、3.1.等二级标题,进行分论。整篇文章条理清晰,重点突出,内容完整,结构严谨。这一形式之美,又会反过来让未来的Ph.D.导师深信,申请者是一个有着强烈科研精神的人。无疑,该“目的陈述”高度学术化的形式,与该学生所要申请的高度学术化的Ph. D.项目,完全是匹配的。

        其次,申请人学习的专业领域是生物、生化科学。与此相呼应,本篇文书将申请人的学术成长过程比喻为一种“化学反应”式的变化过程,巧妙地引用了大量生物、生化的专业术语,以及生物、生化学科中的专业原理,将每个成长阶段取得进步的各种条件比喻为“反应剂”,将一般学生所欠缺的科研经历比喻为成长的“催化剂”, 将管理学双学位比喻为“添加剂”,将自己由量变到质变的成长进程比喻为“裂变与突破”。这种贯穿全文又十分贴切的“点睛之笔”,会使人相信,申请人不是一个只有零星和偶然灵感的人,而是一个自始至终文思泉涌、有思想、有深度的人。更难能可贵的是,申请人能够将人生感悟与专业理解完美地融为一体,非常富有新意。





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