商学院申请:Stanford MBA 申请案例

Stanford Essay-1-Compulsory :

What matters most to you, and why? (750 words)

Betrayal, that’s the word!

For weeks, I was afflicted with insomnia, repeating the word over and over again, startled by nightmares. Those were the days of guilty conscience, torture, inner struggles, and self-denial.

April, six years ago, with an excellent GPA of 3.733, I passed PhD qualifying exam at UIUC. If nothing went amiss, within a year or two, I would earn my degree and reach the pinnacle as a student. Then, I would become an electrical engineer as I was meant to.

But the day I passed the exam, I announced my decision to discontinue my PhD program. My advisor, instructors and friends thought I was still in the spirit of April Fools’ Day.

Indeed, I was a fool, to have made a fool of myself and others. Receiving the best education in EE at three leading institutions in China and US, I was the pride of my family and my teachers. Yet, I let them down. My father called me a ‘failure’ and there was an engulfing alienation from everyone I knew.

Admittedly, relinquishing my PhD program constituted a serious breach of faith. I started searching into the innermost recesses of my mind for a rationale for my seemingly impulsive behavior. I was certainly not out of mind, so, there must be a rationale because I was as sensible a human soul as anybody else!

Undeniably, there was a discontinuation, a conflict, something at odds, very similar to what Steve Jobs or Bill Gates experienced when they quitted their college. It was true I studied EE at Tsinghua and in applying for UIUC’s PhD program I unequivocally reiterated that interest.

Then, did I tell a lie? Thinking of lying, I shivered. But what was the force powerful enough to make me a ‘liar’? I realized pinpointing that force and understanding that conflict could be a good beginning for my self-redemption.

The conflict was obviously between my interest as a student and the value I want to pursue as a person. My academic interest led me to study EE, but academic training alone is just a necessary preparation for career, not an ultimate end. Then, what about value? The value is the principle or objective one remains committed to the whole life. One’s interests can vary at different phases of life, but one’s value remains constant throughout one’s lifetime.

Then, what’s my value? My value is simple—to achieve full self-actualization by tapping all my latent potential. My pursuit of the highest level of excellence throughout my academic endeavors was driven by that value. That value also underlay my seemingly impulsive decision. At that very moment of impulse, I also knew that value would continue to shape me.

Then, what’s wrong with being an electrical engineer? Apparently, engineers are indispensible to our modern world, the world of technology. Steve Jobs was first and foremost an engineer, a technical genius. But to remember Jobs as an engineer is to belittle him. We remember him as a leader, the mastermind and architect of the world’s most technologically and socially valued corporation. Studying EE at the doctoral level, I knew modern engineering has become far more complicated. Engineers should no longer be solitary problem-solvers but aspire to be managers of major engineering programs. I had implicit faith in my potential to be a leader and manager, involving a large number of people including engineers in major undertakings. I believed, intuitively at the time, that’s how I could best fulfill my potential. Discontinuing my PhD was an act of responding to a calling, from innermost recesses of my soul, to that mission of maximizing my potential.

My resolute answering to this calling has shaped the person I am—co-founder and director of two hi-tech/new energy companies, senior manager of XXX Technology Group (a leader in Flat Panel Display), and vice president of Sinoxxx Corporation (NASDAQ: XXXX). After all, what I relinquished was just a possible PhD degree, not my EE knowledge and expertise. In fact, my extended engineering training is precisely what has made me a business leader in those technology/engineering-dominated corporations.

Jobs talked about three dots he had. What’s unusual about Jobs is that he did not leave those dots as mere dots, discrete and isolated. He linked those dots into a beautiful curve that consummated on a pinnacle of a great and exciting career. What I’ve done is to discriminate between interest and value, be true to my inner voice, and allow my value to override and to bridge the gaps.











        那么,我所坚持的价值观又是什么呢?我的价值观其实极为简单, 那就是通过激发我全部的潜能,来充分实现我的人生价值。从小学到博士的全部学术努力中,我致力于追求最优异的成绩,这本身就是我的价值观在使然。从深层次上来说,我那视若冲动十足的辍学决定,也贯穿着我的价值观。而在那个冲动的瞬间,我同样地深知,这一价值观将一如既往地塑造此后的我全部成长历程。




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