商学院申请:Princeton 金融硕士申请案例

Statement of Academic Purpose

                                     Applicant: XXX (Renmin University of China)
                                     Program: Master in Finance, the Bendheim Center for Finance, Princeton University

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” writes Charles Dickens in the opening line of his A Tale of Two Cities. In applying for MFin program at Princeton University, I would like to change it into “It is the worst of times, it is the best of times.” It might be the worst time for the global financial industry but, in the wake of unprecedented upheavals, it is the best time to learn finance by understanding why our financial system went wrong and how we can improve it.

On the verge of completing my 4-year undergraduate program in finance at Renmin University of China (RUC), the most prestigious social science university in China, I have reached a point to develop new academic and professional objectives. Through my past academic training, I have grasped comprehensive finance knowledge and fundamental research skills. With those as a firm foundation, I have developed two current academic plans. First, I wish to secure the guidance of Prof. XXX, who once taught me financial economics and specializes in asset pricing, on studying the following topics: the P/E ratio and the value premium of China’s stock market, the dividend distribution policy of the listed companies in China and the motives behind their effort to minimize and eliminate possible dividends, the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) and its optimum development path and mode of supervision. My second plan is that, as I have been self-studying Investment by Zvi Bodie/Alex Kane/Alan J. Marcus since last semester and practicing on the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst questions contained in the book, I expect to obtain my CFA Level-1 qualifications by the summer of 20XX. Incidentally, I have also grown interested in studying the design and auditing of financial derivatives and private investments in public equity (PIPEs).

My future career plans will unfold in the following steps. On earning my Master’s degree, I hope to join an investment bank to accumulate several years of valuable professional experiences. Thereupon, I will seek an MBA degree at a leading American business school, which will further enhance my career development in investment banking. From a long-term perspective, I will return to China where I will introduce cutting-edge concepts and practices to the financial industry. My internship experiences at several financial institutions in China have made me seriously aware of the lack of sound financial products. Therefore, I will focus on Asian financial market, committed to designing and expanding financial products that truly satisfy the particular needs of the Chinese market. Corporate finance & mergers and acquisitions will be two major fields I will work in. Ultimately, driven by my personal initiative to face challenges, I hope to launch my own business firm, offering professional consulting to individual and corporate customers regarding optimal investment options. I believe that my technical expertise, combined with my sound interpersonal skills, will contribute to my entrepreneurial success.

The Princeton MFin program offers unparalleled education in modern finance that offers everything needed to satisfy my academic and career aspirations. In my proposed program at Princeton, I would like to focus on three major fields of study—Risk Management, Structured Finance, and Derivatives. Having studied the MFin curriculum, I find that core courses such as financial investments, pricing models and derivatives, risk management, and quantitative asset management are particularly suited to me, as I have strong quantitative caliber. The electives, covering portfolio theory, venture capital and private equity investment, financial derivatives, are also fascinating, because they fully satisfy my learning needs. Located within a world-class university with superb academic prestige, the Bendheim Center for Finance has been performing pioneering and cutting-edge research, playing a leading role in the United States and even in the entire globe. I wish to be exposed to advanced academic training and research, assimilate effective skills in financial analysis, risk management and decision making that can turn me into the kind of financial profession I aspire to be.

For such an outstanding program, all I can say is that I am fully ready. Academically, I have achieved a high level of excellence that will ensure my success in your program. At Renmin University of China (RUC), China’s most prestigious social science university, my exceedingly high GPA, 88/100 in all the 59 courses over the past three years, ranks me as the top 3 in the entire grade consisting of approximately 80 students. Intelligence, diligence, commitment and discipline all went into this consistent excellence. For this achievement, I have been awarded merit-based scholarships for three consecutive years. Compared with most of my classmates, I have taken a greater number of courses and have developed a much broader knowledge base. I will maintain this momentum in the final year as I take 6 more core courses undertake my graduation research project.

I have developed strong background and preparation in four concentration areas—economics, finance, accounting and mathematics. While economics lies at the center of my entire knowledge foundation, finance has been the focus of my academic interest. My academic transcript would indicate an impressive list of specialized courses. But quantitative caliber is what I would particularly emphasize. Except for Calculus I, I obtained high grades in all mathematics courses—92/100 for Calculus II, 94/100 for Probability and Mathematical Statistics, an incredible 100/100 for Linear Algebra. The grades for Statistics and Econometrics are all above 90/100. My quantitative strength will certainly be crucial to my overall academic success in the future.

Off campus, I have done valuable internships. For two summer vacations, I interned at finance departments of SinoChem Group and ICBC (Industrial & Commercial Bank of China). In this final year, I have been doing part-time internship at PingAn Securities Inc. The experiences I gain at those leading enterprises, some are “Global Fortune 500”, give me a good sense of my future career path.

Now, fully equipped, strongly motivated, with a true passion for finance and a deep respect for Princeton University, I stand ready to face the exciting challenge of a first-rate MFin program.


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